Vegenaise is a mayonnaise that contains no eggs. In fact, there are no animal products in it at all. And unlike the soy mayonnaise products you’ll find in the health food aisle, this looks, tastes, and behaves just like REAL mayonnaise.

In my opinion Vegenaise is one of the best-tasting commercial mayonnaise brands available. I am a big fan of classic Hellman’s (not the awful low-fat version), but if you are vegan then Vegenaise is as close as you will get – and it is pretty darn close.

In spite of the fact that it contains no eggs, Vegenaise has the same rich yet subtle flavor of homemade mayonnaise, probably because it uses a much higher quality oil. It’s much less cloying than most mayonnaise in a jar. And it’s also not quite as sweet as Hellman’s/Best Foods mayonnaise, which I believe is the best of the traditional brands.

Vegenaise also spreads nicely and makes incredibly good dips (try it in old fashioned spinach dip). It’s a tiny bit looser than commercial mayonnaise, but that’s because it’s a fresh product and contains fewer thickeners. Just remember that Vegenaise is NOT a low cal food. It’s got tons of fat and calories, just like regular mayonnaise.

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